Sunday, August 22, 2010

8 Months

I've been becoming such a big boy lately! I'm cruising around the house all the time now... crawling everywhere on the floor, walking along all the furniture and whatever else I can get into. I love to play with my entertainment and activity centers or really, anything that has buttons I can push and makes noise. I LOVE to play with Mommy and Daddy's phones and remotes and they like to take them away from me. I have my own now, they're bright and colorful, but not shiney like theirs. We've taken a few more trips to the neighborhood pool this month and I'm geting used to going under water. I have 2 teeth now. Daddy thought that was good timing since now he's back at school and not home with me everyday. He was good to get back and I'm glad to be back at the sitter's. We took a family vacation earlier this month to Branson. All of Mommy's family was there. I was a really good boy the whole time! We stayed in a suite where I got a bath in this really huge tub! All the kids from daycare could've fit in there! When we went out to eat I got to sit in a big chair next to Mommy and Daddy. We went to a place called Silver Doller City where there were all kinds of people there to watch! I fell asleep after a while. It was REALLY hot there so Gramma and Grampa took me back to the hotel while Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Molly and Uncle J went on the roller coasters. We went to a couple of shows too... I got to see my first Beatles tribute band! It was fun, but I fell asleep after a while. I think it was past my bedtime.