Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 2014

 We love to play with our pumpkins!
 We went to my friend Harper's house instead of school one day.
 We had lots of fun playing...
 and doing counting activities
Kalia loved baby Graham! 
 Mom says it's REALLY hard to get a decent picture of Kalia these days...she doesn't sit still much anymore, but she happened to catch these few.
 These are the turkey hand treats Mom and I made for school snacks. They were lots of fun!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving in Columbus

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday at Gramma & Papa's in Columbus. Everyone was able to make it back so I spent lots of time with my cousins Sophia, Amelia, Molly, TJ & Luke. Here are a few pictures from our weekend:
On our way there... 
Thanksgiving Day 
All of the cousins: Sophia, Luke, TJ, Kalia, Molly, Amelia & Beckett 
Molly & her dog, Fozzie
Luke & TJ with their dog, Oreo
The dogs were never lacking any attention...they were exhausted!
Thanksgiving meal...Kalia LOVED the mashed potatoes! 
It was nice enough to get some play time outside
 We went bowling Friday afternoon
After bowling we went back to the house to celebrate Amelia's 6th birthday! Gramma & Molly had made her a cake to resemble her guinnea pig, Honey Pie. 
I also got a chance to blow out candles for my birthday coming up. 
And I got to eat Honey Pie's face. Haha! 
The next day was beautiful, so we burned some energy at the park before we headed back home to Kansas City.