Sunday, November 16, 2014


We had to say good-bye to Sadie this month. She had been on the decline this fall culminated with some swelling near her brain. She will go down as the Greatest Dog in History. Not just because of how much she meant to us, but because of the impact she had made on so many others outside of our family. In her 13 years she chased Frisbees, herded children, entertained 1st graders, and was the most loyal dog we could ask for.
Approx 6-10 weeks old
She spend lots of time in the classroom in her early years 
She got tons of attention from cousin Molly when in Columbus 
We brought Sadie to her mom's to run around - boy, did they ever! 
She spent lots of time at lakes - in and out of the water 
She LOVED the sprinklers...and hoses 
She had fun with cousin Luke...
"Is he ever going to let go of that ball?" 
She learned how to float, among many other skills
She spent lots of time playing with Beckett 
and on Papa's farm
We even made a dog snowman last year
This was taken a week after Sadie had passed. We checked in on Beckett before going to bed and found his 'Sadie' watching over him while he slept. Another day he mentioned that he sometimes feels Sadie tugging at his heart. 
She sure is missed.

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