Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

I went trick-or-treating with my friend, Fletcher, and some other kids in his neighborhood. We didn't last very long because it was REALLY cold out. We had lots of layers under our costumes, but it still wasn't enough.
I dressed up as Red Ranger from Power Rangers and Kalia was a lady bug. 
I love Kalia's expression below. It's like she's saying, "It is FREEZING and I don't like it!" Needless to say, she only made it a couple blocks then Dad took her back to Fletcher's house. Mom took me around a few more blocks before we made our way back.
I found a new friend (below) wandering around. It's not bad luck on Halloween, is it?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 2014

A few randoms from the month of October: 
I loved going to the rodeo last month and now like to play rodeo with my animals. I use the timer on my tablet (in the background) to time them. Who do you think won, the moose or the pigs?
We battled the hand, foot and mouth disease in the beginning of the month. Mommy stayed home for a week with Kalia, then I got it and Gramma (from the lake) came to stay with me so Mom & Dad didn't miss any more work. I had a good time with Gramma. She helped me with my school work that I was missing each day. We also played with my cinnamon play-doh that we made in school (below) and took walks almost every day.
Kalia's all ready to celebrate Halloween! She loved wearing the skirt that Gramma (on the lake) made.
Mom made us a different kind of lunch - in ice cube trays! She called it a toddler smorgasbord, but now we call it a snacky-lunch. It's like lots of little snacks for lunch. It was lots of fun! 
We loved playing with our pumpkins (though Kalia wouldn't sit still for a pretty picture)! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let's go Royals!

 We cheered on our Kansas City Royals this month! You probably already know, but it was the first time in a VERY long time that they had made the playoffs. We spent many nights watching the Royals this month and cheered really hard for them, but they came up a little bit short in the end. I don't quite understand that the season is over and why they won't be playing again until the Spring. I keep asking when they will be on again. Thank goodness I can pretend to play my own baseball games with Gordon & Moustakas! 

This is a cookie that Mom got from a vendor at work. She brought it home for us to share. I thought it was sooo cool!
I became VERY good at singing "Take me out to the ballgame"
We even had a pep rally at school where we had a blue baseball cake!

We got our sidewalk chalk out and made Royals signs in the driveway. I tried copying Mom's crown. 
 Here's a picture I drew at school during the World Series. The guy on the right is Hosmer, the guy on the left is Moustakas, the guy in the center is Shields, and the guy in the back is Gordon. (Apparently he can cover the entire outfield!) And the little orange guy at the plate on the bottom is the Giants up to bat.

Mom had to take a work trip to New Jersey. Unfortunately, it was during games 6 & 7 of the World Series. Below is a picture of how her and her co-workers had to watch GAME 7 on the way back to Kansas City. Good thing Southwest had wifi!!


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fun Farm!

Gramma (on the farm) was in town visiting, so Mom took us all to Fun Farm  in nearby Kearney. It was SO MUCH FUN!
We rode a cow train 

Visited lots and lots of animals... The geese were honking really loud and the baby lambs and goats were very friendly. 
Kalia was being silly while we waited to watch the big pumpkin launcher 
They had a HUGE corn pit where we got to play in it like a sandbox. 
Kalia was a bit afraid when she sank in the corn when she stepped in. So she went to the playground with Gramma while Mom & I played in the corn! We had a blast!! 
The last thing we did was jump on this big pillow-thing they had. It was also lots and lots of fun. When the big kids were on it, they would bounce me right off. I thought it was really funny. Even Mom got on and bounced with me.
We had TONS of fun and didn't want to leave, but all that playing really wore us out. We stopped at the concession at the end and enjoyed some fresh apple donuts before heading home.