Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 2012

Fell a little behind on the month of May... I was quite busy! Here are a few pics:

We had a few days that were quite warm.
I decided that Sadie needed cooled off.
She LOVES being squirted with the hose!!
And I just giggled the whole time! HeeHee!

Cooling myself off later that week...

Mommy thought my bedroom needed some re-decoating.
The baby stuff is going away and cars and trucks are coming in!
She painted a picture for my wall. I got REALLY excited when I saw it!
I love to read it every time I go in.

Gramma & Papa came down for a weekend visit and to attend a cousin's graduation party.
We ate at T-Rex - though I was a little more interested in the fish...

At the graduation party, I found a sandbox and swingset to play on!
I had a lot of fun in the sand!

More swimming!!

Daddy made me a sandbox of my own!
 Eating lunch outside on my new table

"Mom, I'm cooking!"

Beckett's funny phrase...
Mom: "Are you ready to take a bath?"
Beckett: "No, I'm working." (See pic below)



Friday, May 25, 2012

Mother's Day in Branson

We took Grampa Larry & Gramma Jean to Branson over Mother's Day weekend. We stayed in a fun little cottage. I loved playing with all the doors - I was constantly opening and closing them! We drove down on Friday afternoon during my nap, ate at a Mexican restaurant at Branson Landing. Saturday, we made breakfast at the cottage, then went to the Butterfly Pavilion. It was REALLY cool! There were butterflies everywhere!! We went back to the cottage and took a walk around the neighborhood. After lunch, Grampa and I took a nap while Mom, Dad and Gramma went on a tour at Stone Hill Winery. That night we headed out to a Branson show - Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede. We ate a meal as we watched the show - with no utencils! It was quite an adventure for everyone! I, of course, didn't eat much. Every time I picked up some food, more animals came flying out into the arena! There was just too much going on!! I had A LOT of fun & saw lots and lots of animals - horses, little piglets, chickens, buffalo, and cows! On Sunday morning, the cottage hosted a Mother's Day brunch. It was really good with lots and lots of food! On our way home we stopped in Osceola to taste some cheese! It was a great weekend!!

 Friday night dinner - Cheese!!
 At the Butterfly Pavilion - bungee maze
 The butterflies would land right on you!
Looking at the butterfly stamp on my hand with a magnifying glass

 Watching the butterflies
 The butterflies LOVED Mommy's pink shirt!
 Feeding the butterflies
Pictures of the village we stayed in...
 We stayed in that red house
 View from the top
 Playing games on Papa's ipad

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weekend on the Farm

Mommy & I recently went to see Gramma & Grampa on the farm in Iowa. Daddy had a lot of stuff to do at school that weekend, so he worked while we were gone. We got to visit both Great Grammas while we were there. I, of course, got to visit the cows and pigs and help Grampa feed them too! Papa even let me pick out some baby chicks to bring home (to the farm, not KC)! I got to hold them and pick them up, but sometimes I squeezed just a little too hard! They didn't like that so much!
Here's a few pics from my visit:

Packing my bag
I LOVED pushing my cars around the table.
I went around and around and around... sound effects and all!
On our way to get some chicks! 
Look at the chicks!
(Yes, Mommy didn't read the signs very well!) 
At home with the chicks... 

Having fun with the dogs! 
Waving at Papa coming in the tractor! 
Here he comes!
Helping with the chores