Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 2012

Fell a little behind on the month of May... I was quite busy! Here are a few pics:

We had a few days that were quite warm.
I decided that Sadie needed cooled off.
She LOVES being squirted with the hose!!
And I just giggled the whole time! HeeHee!

Cooling myself off later that week...

Mommy thought my bedroom needed some re-decoating.
The baby stuff is going away and cars and trucks are coming in!
She painted a picture for my wall. I got REALLY excited when I saw it!
I love to read it every time I go in.

Gramma & Papa came down for a weekend visit and to attend a cousin's graduation party.
We ate at T-Rex - though I was a little more interested in the fish...

At the graduation party, I found a sandbox and swingset to play on!
I had a lot of fun in the sand!

More swimming!!

Daddy made me a sandbox of my own!
 Eating lunch outside on my new table

"Mom, I'm cooking!"

Beckett's funny phrase...
Mom: "Are you ready to take a bath?"
Beckett: "No, I'm working." (See pic below)



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