Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weekend on the Farm

Mommy & I recently went to see Gramma & Grampa on the farm in Iowa. Daddy had a lot of stuff to do at school that weekend, so he worked while we were gone. We got to visit both Great Grammas while we were there. I, of course, got to visit the cows and pigs and help Grampa feed them too! Papa even let me pick out some baby chicks to bring home (to the farm, not KC)! I got to hold them and pick them up, but sometimes I squeezed just a little too hard! They didn't like that so much!
Here's a few pics from my visit:

Packing my bag
I LOVED pushing my cars around the table.
I went around and around and around... sound effects and all!
On our way to get some chicks! 
Look at the chicks!
(Yes, Mommy didn't read the signs very well!) 
At home with the chicks... 

Having fun with the dogs! 
Waving at Papa coming in the tractor! 
Here he comes!
Helping with the chores 

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