Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Let's Play Soccer!

I participated in Bitty Soccer every Tuesday night in September. The first few weeks were just learning skills & drills. The last night was a scrimmage. I had so much fun! I keep asking when I get to go again.
Here's a few drills:
Scrimmage time! Getting some stretches in...
I had some pretty funny facial expressions!
Here's where I stopped the game and said, "Look! Geese!" 
I got tired and decided to be a goalie for a while
Here I was just tired. 
I received a participation award. Mom & Dad said I should also receive an award for spending more time on the ground than running after the ball.

September 2014

A few random pictures from September:
Acceptable ways of transportation...sliding down the road on your back seems to work just fine in Kalia's world. 
Mommy had Kalia try these boots on. She liked them so much & had a fit when she took them off. I'm sure you'll be seeing them a lot this winter! 
Brushing teeth (she's just trying to copy me) 
 Kalia tattooed her leg with stickers
I still like my Nebraska popcorn box. I kept on asking to fill it back up!
 Kalia helped Mom with the garage sale while Dad & I were at the race.
Here's the race/walk that Dad & I went to. It was for Dad's school. Dad mostly took pictures...
but he let me run a bit too, including running the finish line. Everybody cheered for me. It was pretty awesome!
Movie with Mom. I've been asking to see Dolphin Tale 2 for weeks!
 This is Mom trying to get a picture of Kalia. She doesn't like to sit still for anything - especially pictures!

Here are a few pictures from school:
 We go to the park a lot when it nice enough out
Kalia got a new stroller for her babies. She loves to push it around the whole house.
Who doesn't love some good baby giggles?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rodeo Time!

Papa on the farm had some tickets to the rodeo in Omaha, so we made a last minute trip to go with. Dad came with too, but since we were in town, he took some senior pictures of Mom's cousin who lives there while we were there.
Papa & Uncle Marc had to go to a meeting for a new baler, so we went for a walk in the Old Market area. We even went on a horse carriage ride!
At the rodeo: 
Kalia and I had so much fun watching the animals!
She really didn't like wearing the cowboy hat though!

We played in a nearby park the next morning while Dad took a few more pictures.