Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 2015

What happened in June...
Papa from the farm made us a swing set.
Many hours have been spent on it already! 
My friend, Fletcher, came over to play with me. We ate lunch on the deck and played on my new swing set. 
Pretty braids in Kalia's hair 
Met up with Lori again...this time her & her husband came to KC to celebrate their anniversary! 
Someone fell asleep before finishing their ice cream...

My Last T-Ball Game

Kalia & Macy are ready to cheer the boys on!
Game time!
After game chat
I got a trophy!!!
Next up...SOCCER!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Kalia Keeps Busy at Daycare

Kalia was VERY busy this month at daycare!!
She LOVES to paint!
Lots of time spent outside 
They went to story time at the library 
Played at the park 
more fun at the library... 
Some water play in the backyard 
playing dress up 
Playing at City Park 
More story time! 
cake pop treats 
Playing at the neighborhood splash park 
A field trip to Kalidescope 
and a visit to the train place 
Back home...getting crafty! 
Water table fun...
Kalia's going through a superhero cape phase
More painting 
and letters 
bounce house fun!
and lots of dress up!