Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 2016

What else happened in June...
Supporting Alex's Lemonade Stand...we liked the tattoos more than the lemonade!
The Donley's came over to play!
"Look Mom, I drew Elsa!"
Mommy & Kalia did pedicures
Kalia sure loves corn on the cob...
but she sure is messy when she eats it!
Running through the sprinkler
Mommy's cousin sent Kalia some princess dance costumes.
She sure loved them!
Mom & Dad went out on a date night for their anniversary.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Armbrusters visit KC

Aunt Joni and cousins, Sophia & Amelia, came to visit us on their way from their new home in Georgia to go visit Gramma & Grampa on the lake in Nebraska. 
We spent 6 hours at the zoo in the sweltering hot weather! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Kalia at School

Kalia is still going to school while me & Daddy go to summer school. She's learning to play with all the boys there...
She still loves to paint
And they have lots of water play
They go to the playground and have snacks there too. 
They started doing show-and-tell and she LOVES it! She brought her pink duck that she got from Mommy's work. 
Happy Father's Day Dad!!
They went on a field trip to the Shoal Creek Living History Museum to play and see the buffalo 
She loves drawing the letter 'K' 
She brought Popsicles on her last day!!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Spring Baseball

Baseball season was FUN! I played on the Cubs team. It was my first year of machine pitch and I loved it (even though I was one of the smallest on the team)! I had ZERO strikeouts and made it on base most of the time! Dad says I have an eye for the ball, but I don't have the strength to hit the ball very hard. I need to work on getting some muscles on my arms! We rotated and got to play all the positions, but my favorite is first base and catcher. The coach even called me 'lil' Hos' sometimes! I LOVED it!
I got distracted by the train. It was the biggest one I've seen, I swear!

Stretching it out...
Here's where I discovered bubble gum...clearly I was thinking more about chomping on it than hitting the ball!
End of season medals with my friend, Alex.