Saturday, September 24, 2011

21 Months... September Randoms

I can't believe September has almost come to an end! We are back into the school routine and it's going by way too fast! I started the month out with a visit from Gramma and Papa over Labor Day weekend. We went to Minsky's to cheer on Nebraska football and later that day to the Royals game. The game was interrupted with a couple of rain delays, but that didn't stop us from having a great time! I was sooo good even though it was waaayyyyy past my bedtime!

Intensely cheering on the Huskers!
Change of uniform and we're off to the baseball game!
Carousel ride with Slugger
Daddy and I made it on the jumbo-tron!! It was soooo EXCITING!!!

Back home...Playing outside

I still LOVE LOVE LOVE my letters and numbers!!!
There's only about 5 that I don't know yet, but I'm working on it!
 Sleepy time
Snack time
 Watching morning cartoons
 Storytime at the Library
 Liberty Schools 5k Run for the Kids.
Brrrrr! It was a little chilly!