Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 2013

The gate was put up at the top of the stairs and Kalia found a new freedom! She was moving everywhere and was so fast!!  

Kalia liked to look down at the tree
Kalia was so curious about the tree. Mom & Dad were smart enough to not put any ornaments on the bottom 2 feet of the tree. Kalia curiously touched the branches, but by the end of the month she got a little more brave and started pulling the strands of lights!
I love to put this new puzzle together. It was a gift at my birthday party.
Rudolph became my best bud this month and I carried him almost everywhere. I also LOVED watching Rudolph on TV (seen below - eyes glued to the TV) and reading his book.
Mommy can't pass up taking pics of sleeping kiddos!
And there's Rudolph again!
I also learned to sing Jingle Bells. I became quite good and Daddy & I even put our own spin on it (not in the video below).

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Break

Gramma & Papa on the farm had a small birthday celebration for me. Great Gramma Ryan came out and we had a turkey dinner. Mom made me a red velvet poke cake with oreos on top that I picked out. It was a good time!
Aunt Molly & I made colorful paper chains to decorate for my party. The little girls liked playing with them too!

The holiday week started out ok, but then got a little rough. I had a little cold on my birthday. My cough got worse and Kalia was running a temp so Mom & Dad took us to the doctor on Monday. They didn't find anything else wrong with Kalia, but I was diagnosed with bronchitis. I got some meds and went back to Gramma & Papa's to rest. That night I only got a couple hours sleep as I woke up with my ears just draining fluid and then started bleeding. We believe that I coughed so much or hard that my tubes got pushed out. Mom brought me back to the dr the next day (Xmas Eve) and it was a double ear infection.
After more meds, I slept most of the day so I could open presents that night and enjoy the holiday. Nothing like curling up with a dog to help make you feel better! Especially a dog that let's you lay by him...unlike Sadie. I made a pretty good recovery in 12 hours.
Unfortunately, we didn't make it to church on Christmas Eve. It was WAAAY too cold (wind chill was below zero) to bring sick kiddos outside. We did manage to get a few pics though...
Gramma & Papa with the grandkiddos
Uncle Marc, Lorinda, Evan & Emma
LOOK! Uncle Marc is smiling in the picture and he's not wearing a hat!!!
Sadie got in on the action too!
A helmet to go with my new bike
(that I got from Mom & Dad for my birthday)!
2 little girls ready for bed
Christmas morning
No, it's not a DVD player.
Santa just likes to wrap things in random boxes.
Ready for my bike!
After lunch we traveled to Gramma & Papa's on the Lake in Nebraska.
This is what Uncle Ken & cousin Molly gave me!
Though I'm not sure where my punching bag is now...

Unfortunately, we left Columbus a day early so we could get back & bring Kalia to the dr. She started not feeling well again - temperature, not eating well, and an upper respiratory-thing. Mom brought her to the dr Saturday morning and she also has an ear infection and RSV. Mom said that's not good for babies like Kalia. She also got some medicine and is doing breathing treatments every 2-4 hours. Hopefully that helps my baby sister to get better!
We're all getting a little cabin fever in here (including Daddy)!