Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving in Columbus

Uncle Colin, Aunt Joni and cousins, Sophia & Amelia came to Kansas City for a visit before Thanksgiving. We played A LOT with my animals and had a craft day making Christmas ornaments!! We also did some shopping and went to the T-Rex Cafe for some lunch. I had chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs! It was sooo fun!!!
Soph & Mia LOVED playing and helping Kalia!
Mia even helped give her bottle & feed her baby food!
Later that week, we all headed to Columbus for Thanksgiving. We played A LOT with the legos and also with a really cool pirate ship that Gramma & Papa have. Even Kalia wanted to play!
Molly read books with me before bed.
Thanksgiving Day!
I made this oven mitt for Gramma
(and mailed one to Gramma on the farm too!)
Mom & Dad always tell me to be careful with Kalia when I do this.
My response is always, "But I LOVE HER!"
The whole gang was there for the Thanksgiving meal
Gramma & Papa with all the grandkids: Luke, TJ, Sophia, Me, Molly, Kalia & Amelia 
I was not cooperating well with the picture taking, so everyone made a sad face for me. 
Look at me! I'm a monster with googly eyes!
We also celebrated Amelia's birthday after the Husker game. She had an ice cream cake! YUM! 
Testing out my new gloves...
I thought they were football gloves - that's what Daddy told me...
A couple of selfies via Molly... 
We headed back to Kansas City on Saturday. But since it was a nice day, we headed to the park to wear off some energy before getting in the car! It was FUN FUN FUN!!
There were lots of ducks by the river. We found some food that someone had spilled so we fed it to the ducks. 
Then all of their friends came for some food! 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

November 2013

Here's just a few randoms from this month...
Kalia & I both had our monkey jammies on! 
Mom loves to take sleeping baby pics!

and a few of me too! 
and sometimes I pretend to be asleep 

Kalia LOVES to splash in the bath!
 My Thankful List that I made at school

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Visit from Aunt Molly

Aunt Molly came for a visit over the weekend. We played A LOT!! It was SOOO much fun!

We had fun playing with the blocks. We would build castles with them and let Kalia knock them down! She had fun too!
Kalia likes to look out the window. It's just her size.
My favorite part was playing in the leaves! I remembered doing this last year and I talked and talked about it until it was nice enough to go outside. 
Even Sadies got in on the fun!
Molly also brought this fun marble game. I played with it at her house for HOURS! 
It was awesome, but Mom & Dad are still finding marbles at our house. They keep saying it a good thing they are finding them and not Kalia.
I can't wait for Molly to come visit again!!