Sunday, November 17, 2013

Visit from Aunt Molly

Aunt Molly came for a visit over the weekend. We played A LOT!! It was SOOO much fun!

We had fun playing with the blocks. We would build castles with them and let Kalia knock them down! She had fun too!
Kalia likes to look out the window. It's just her size.
My favorite part was playing in the leaves! I remembered doing this last year and I talked and talked about it until it was nice enough to go outside. 
Even Sadies got in on the fun!
Molly also brought this fun marble game. I played with it at her house for HOURS! 
It was awesome, but Mom & Dad are still finding marbles at our house. They keep saying it a good thing they are finding them and not Kalia.
I can't wait for Molly to come visit again!!

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