Monday, November 4, 2013

Kalia - 8 Months

We've been calling Kalia our curious climber this month. She is
VERY curious about everything around her. It seems like just a month ago she was doing the 'army crawl' to get around. In the past 4 weeks, she has mastered crawling and is now pulling herself up onto furniture and will take a few steps around the furniture. She also bravely starts to let go but always topples over. She is NOT as interested in toys as she is about climbing right now. If you're sitting on the floor with her she persistently climbs up you and over your legs over and over again until she wears out. And she's quick too! If you sit her in the middle of the floor and walk away, she's off and 'running' before you even turn around!

She is eating all of the same foods as last month, with the addition of a few more. She is also now eating some puff cereal and practing very hard a picking it up with her tiny little fingers. We found it's a good way to keep her occupied while we eat our dinner.
This was one of her first bites of puff cereal...
wasn't quite sure what to think of the texture.

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