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March 1, 2013
Just spent a long 2 hours at my Dr's appt. No more progression - still dilated at 2 cm; and the 3rd week with no weight gain. This time it caused a concern from the Dr. They ran another sonogram on the baby to track her measurements, amniotic fluid and umbilical cord. Everything is fine, but she's measuring small at approx 6 lbs and at 36 weeks (I'm currently at almost 39 wks). Since I'm considered full term the Dr. thinks that it's better to get her out so she can start gaining some weight rather than wait it out another week. So I am being induced on Monday! This was a bit of a shock for both Brian and I, but at least we have the weekend to get things around the house ready! We're so excited to finally meet our baby girl!

Here I am at 39 weeks:

February 22, 2013
Not a whole lot of news to report today except that there is definitely progression. Not a lot, but some. I am 70% thinned and dilated at 2 cm. No weight gain since last week, but having a very active baby girl inside me causes no concern from the Dr. So it's just a waiting game from here on out! We see what happens in the next week!

February 15, 2013
Dr's visits are now every week as we're heading to the countdown. I'm at almost 37 weeks and officially 'full term' as they say. I had my group B strep test today and was checked for any progress. As it turned out, I'm already half way thinned out and dilated at 1 1/2 cm already! Doesn't mean I'll be in labor any time soon though. I could be dilated at at this for several weeks before any more progression, but it's a start! I've gained a total of 15 lbs in the last 37 weeks, which the Dr quoted as a 'perfect pregnancy' weight gain. Baby Girl should weigh just over 6 pounds about now and be a little over 19 inches long. Her little nursery is almost done...hoping to get pictures posted as soon as it's complete! I guess my next step is to get the hospital bag packed...

January 29, 2013
Well, here I am at 34 weeks...that means 6 weeks left to go! Everything was still great at my Dr's visit today. I gained another couple pounds in the last 2 weeks and baby is measuring right on track. I finally remembered to ask the Dr. about my glucose test. My results were perfectly normal - I tested at 113 where 135 is the cut-off. So my very brief starvation paid off - YAY!
At home, we're still getting things ready for baby girl! We finally pulled the car seat out and got all covers, blankets, burp cloths, receiving blankets and onsies washed, put away & ready to go! Brian also got the mobile hung above the crib along with a few other things on the wall. Beckett loves to go in the baby's room and play with all her "things". I think he's getting just as excited as we are. We've recently checked some books out from the library for Beckett - all having to do with being a big brother & what it will be like when his baby sister comes along. We read a few of them before he went to bed the other night. At 2:30am that same night he came into our room & woke me up saying, "Mom, I hear baby crying. Is baby ok?" while searching under the blankets to feel my tummy. If I didn't know before, I know now how good of a big brother he'll be!

January 15, 2013
We've been busy getting baby stuff ready as we realized there are only a couple months left before we get to meet this little sweet pea! The last couple of weekends have been spent moving furniture between bedrooms, painting Beckett's new dresser, selling the large desk that was occupying the baby's room and having a mini "garage sale" of baby boy stuff that won't be used again. Beckett's new room is now complete - I will share pictures soon! He loves it! Baby girl's room is almost done...I will get pictures posted when it is complete.

I am now at 32 weeks. The baby should now measure around 16-17 inches long and weighs about 4 lbs. I found that I finally gained some weight this month at my Dr's visit today - a whole 3 lbs!! I should be gaining about a pound a week after this- about half of that goes right to the baby as she continues to "fatten" up. My blood pressure and the baby's heartrate are still great and I'm measuring right on track. The Dr said that she is definitely head down now, so no breech baby. Yay! Guess I should have figured that out with all the kicking and punching going on! She's definitely very active, especially in the evenings! I forgot to ask the Dr, but I must have passed my glucose test as I never heard anything about it. I did have some swelling on one ankle last week. The Dr said not to be concerned unless it was painful and red, which it wasn't. I'm still struggling with heartburn/acid reflux at least a couple times a week. So uncomfortable! I guess that would be why I haven't gained much weight. I heard today that heartburn is a sign that the baby will have lots of hair. Guess I'll put up with that uncomfortable so I can put all those pretty bows and clips in her hair! Ha! Speaking of uncomfortable...I've had quite a few nights of insomnia lately. I have no problem getting to sleep, but it's been rather routine for me to get up to pee around 3:30-4, then find it REALLY hard to get back to sleep. After I've flipped around for an hour (or longer), I finally catch a bit of zzzzzz just in time for my alarm to go off. Figures. My Dr's visits will now be every 2 weeks, then every week the last month. We're going down the home stretch - Yipee!!

December 18, 2012
What a busy time of year!! We've kind of put the baby stuff on hold for a bit and are trying to get ready for Christmas. Been a little hard with an almost 3-year old constantly on your toes asking, "What are you doing?" all the time, especially when wrapping his presents. Ha! I had my latest dr's appt yesterday. I had to fast from sweets & sugar the previous 24 hours for my glucose test. Man, was that hard!  What a bad time to put the sweet tooth on hold! Results will be available in a few days, but they told me no news is good news, so let's pray for that!!! The rest of the appt went fine. I was REALLY surprised that I hadn't gained any weight the last month, especially through Thanksgiving and over half of December!  I haven't been eating as big of meals since I've been having a few waves of acid reflux, but I'm definitely still eating! The Dr. said that since the baby's growing, there's no concern at this time. I also had to get my first rhogam shot since I'm rh-negative. This is so my blood doesn't fight off the baby's blood should they ever meet up. I'll get a second shot after the baby's born. It's hard to believe that this 28th week starts my 3rd trimester already! The baby measures approximately 14 inches and weighs approx 2 1/4 lbs. The baby should now recognize the sounds of my voice. I've been telling Beckett this, so he likes to talk to the baby now. It doesn't always last long, but it's pretty cute!

November 25, 2012
Another month has gone by - now at 25 weeks! Not much has changed... I still feel about the same size, but from my dr's visit this week I've gained another 5 lbs. which means I'm right on track. About a pound a week is normal. Everything else went great at the dr's visit. I have my glucose test next month, which is pretty rotten timing if you ask me! I guess I'll have to be careful if I'm taking a test for gestational diabetes in a month filled with yummy treats and sweets! At this time the baby weighs about a pound a half and is around 13 inches long. She's starting to grow some hair now and will soon start to add some baby fat to her lean body. Brian finally got to feel some of her kicks, but Beckett is still a bit timid about feeling them. On the otherhand, I've been feeling them a lot! Her most active time is in the evening. There's been a couple of times when she's woken me up in the middle of the night and I've been unable to get back to sleep because she's moving and kicking so much! We also started working on the bedroom situation. We've changed our minds about 3 times now, but decided to keep the already pink walls and just have a pink and brown theme. We switched up the beds and put the crib up in the pink room and added a pretty chandelier (see picture below). Beckettt got a "BIG" big boy bed and is now sleeping in a full sized bed and loves it. It's a little exciting for him and sometimes hard to stay in it, but he's adjusted pretty well overall.

October 23, 2012
Half way there!!! We had our 2nd sonogram today and found out our little peanut is a GIRL!! All of us are so excited! My sister was here visiting so she got to come with too! We had been talking to Beckett the last couple days about whether it will be a boy or girl. He has insisted every time that he wants a sister. So this morning when the tech asked us if we were leaning a particular way, I turned to Beckett and asked him again what he wants. Of course, this time he said "A boy." HaHa! It was pretty funny, and he was happy to find out that it is indeed a sister. She was VERY cooperative during the sonogram and showed us that all her little body parts and organs, including the heartbeat, are in perfect condition. She was measuring at 12 oz. and we found that she's basically sitting right on my bladder. I realize now why I tend to make a few extra trips to the restroom every time she's moving and/or kicking around.

October 12, 2012
I'm at almost 19 weeks and showing much more at this time than I ever did with Beckett. Feeling that way too... the bump is starting to 'bump' into things. I wore my regular dress pants this week to work and knew it would be the last time for a while! So now on to those elastic-waist pants. As for belly photos... I wasn't very consistent with taking pictures when I was prego with Beckett, and REALLY not finding time to do it this time. I did manage a couple photos the other night...


September 28, 2012
Just got back from my latest Dr's appt. Everything still good and strong! Baby's heartbeat was at 150...though the baby was moving around so much that it was hard for the nurse to keep the wand on it! :)  I've gained a total of 1 lb. since the beginning and they're glad my appetite is back. The Dr. told me he's not so concerned about gaining much weight during the 2nd trimester as long as I'm still not losing. He said the more weight I gain now, the more miserable I'll be at the end. That doesn't sound very appealing to me! I'm definietly showing now...I seem to have "popped" in the last week. I keep meaning to get a picture, but time just gets away from me every evening. Hopefully soon I'll get one posted! The good news is that we go back in 3 weeks for the next ultrasound and to find out if Beckett will have a little brother or sister! Exciting!

The baby is now 16 weeks, weighs 5 ounces and is around 5 inches long from head to bottom. A growth spurt will happen in the next few weeks as the baby will double in size.

September 9, 2012
Well, I think my appetite has come back! I had a dream last week that I was at a buffet and eating everything in site! Not thinking anything of it, I went to work that day with my normal snacks, but by the time lunch came, I was starving for a burger!! How crazy since the last 6 weeks I haven't even been able to even look at meat! Needless to say, I went out and got a burger and tots at Sonic and enjoyed (almost) every bite of it. I say 'almost' because my stomach has seemed to shrink a bit and I couldn't finish the entire burger. I ended up munching on the tots all afternoon. But I still enjoyed every bite!! So my appetite has come back, but not yet in full force. I've still gotten sick a couple times, but I think I've figured out that it's when I eat too early in the morning. That's the only times I get sick. Ugh!

The baby is now at 14 weeks and is starting to stretch out. It's about the size of a lemon and weighs around 1 1/2 ounces. I've felt a tiny bit of movement, but no punches or kicks yet - still a little early for that. I definitely have a little pooch now, but still in that awkward stage of "Is she pregnant or bloated?" I'm now in the 2nd trimester and they say my energy level should be coming back and my nausea going away. I'll keep my fingers crossed on that one! Until then, I hope my sweet lemon is developing good and strong!!

August 28, 2012
Ok, we couldn't hold it in ANY LONGER! We finally spilled the beans!!!!
Let me start over...we had our 12 week appt this morning and everything looked great. There's not a whole lot to check for right now. My belly hasn't grown, in fact I've lost around 8 lbs since I peed on that stick. The Dr wasn't worried...they're aware of the nausea and said my body would catch up soon now that the 1st trimester is almost over. That means the sickness is almost over, right??? Well, one can only hope. The baby's heartbeat was strong at 154 and I go back in 4 weeks.

So Brian and I agreed if we made it safely to the 12 week mark that we would start spreading the word. Ok, a few peeps might have known, but that doesn't matter anymore. Now we're shouting it out to the whole world - God has answered our prayers and WE HAVE ANOTHER MIRACLE BABY!!!!!  So by the end of the day, all of our family, close friends and co-workers knew our little secret. Whew! What a relief!!!

August 15, 2012
It’s been a while since we last spoke… We’ve been really busy, but nothing much has changed with the lil’ babe. I spent 4 days last week in IA for 2 family reunions. Talk about EXHAUSTING!! I didn’t realize that seeing so many people and not getting to rest would wear me out that much! I felt kinda bad that I had to take a few naps while others were cleaning up the kitchen. I’m still feeling really nauseous almost daily. I’ve found that I can take the medicine about every other day and will feel lots better, but still not back to normal. It was REALLY hard to hide it from the family last weekend. There were MANY times I wanted to burst out and tell someone!! Agh!! We’re at 10 weeks now – only 2 more before another Dr’s visit and 2 more before we start spilling the beans! The lil’ babe is the size of a kumquat now (though I’m not sure what a kumquat even looks like). From what I’ve read, it should be a little over an inch long and weigh less than a quarter of an ounce. So, still pretty itty bitty. All vital organs are in place and starting to function, limbs can bend now and little peach fuzz is starting to grow. The size should double in the next couple weeks. Until then, grow strong and healthy my little peach fuzz. I can’t wait to tell everyone about you!

August 1, 2012

Dr’s appt went great. There’s definitely a baby with a very strong heartbeat in there (rate at 170)! We had our first sonogram and it was amazing! Even Beckett looked at the screen and said “baby”. We’re not sure how he knew that – we could barely make it out. I guess we do have a smart little guy! We tried to explain it a little to him, but then figured we shouldn’t tell him too much this early. He’ll blab our little secret all over town. We’re dying to tell people, but want to make sure our little baby is healthy and growing first. I’m still feeling horrible & still getting sick. The Dr. gave me some pills that will hopefully take care of that awful nauseous feeling. It’s definitely MUCH harder when I have to get up early in the morning. The only thing I managed to get down for breakfast this morning was 7up and popcorn. What can I say – Breakfast of Champions!! We’re at 8 weeks now and the baby is the size of a kidney bean. Stay healthy and grow big lil’ bean!

July 30, 2012
Weekend in Columbus went fine…don’t think my cover was blown, but I’m sure they are pretty suspicious. Haven’t gotten sick since last week, but still feel awful. My taste buds are definitely changing. I’m having a REALLY hard time eating any meat. There were some delicious-looking steaks this weekend, but I couldn’t even handle cutting into one. I’m finding that all of my favorite foods are not my favorite anymore. I don’t even know what to get at the grocery store anymore. Brian’s probably getting frustrated – he never knows what to cook with these taste-bud mood swings. At least our Dr’s appt is tomorrow. Maybe I’ll find out more then…

July 25, 2012

Still sick and I feel like it’s getting harder to hide it at work. I’m wearing sea bands to see if it will help with the nausea, but haven’t noticed a huge difference yet. I’ve gotten sick 2x in the last 3 days. Like kneeling-over-the-porcelain-pot sick. EWWW! Good thing both times have been at home. I find I’m not eating much at all. Still grazing throughout the day, but can’t even eat a full meal – of anything! Mom’s been down watching Beckett the past couple days. She made her famous homemade lasagna the other night. I couldn’t even eat a full plate of it! Ugh! And I SOOO wanted to! It just didn’t taste the same…I think my taste buds are changing. We’re going to the Andreasen Family Fun Weekend tomorrow. Hope my cover isn’t blown. I’m not sure how much of this I can take anymore. One thing I can look forward to…Our first appt is in less than a week!

July 20, 2012
Two weeks since we found out and I’m already hating this sickness part. I feel horrible ALL THE TIME. I haven’t actually gotten sick yet, but I’ve done a lot of coughing like I’m gagging. Yuck! This is WAY different than my first pregnancy. I’m tired of munching on crackers and pretzels. I’ve tried some ginger tea instead of coffee – no difference. I’ve grazed all day instead of meals. I’m sucking on hard candy (and I’ve never been a big candy fan). I feel like I’m munching ALL THE TIME to keep my stomach from getting that “empty” feeling. At this rate, I’ll be gaining weight in no time! Not too happy about that since I just worked so hard to lose it all before Mexico. On a brighter side, baby is at 6 weeks and is about the size of a green pea. Sweet prayers for a healthy, growing sweet pea.

July 12, 2012
It’s been almost a week and I’m starting to notice a change. For one, my appetite sucks! I feel nauseated all the time. I explained it to Brian as that weird pit in your stomach before it starts to growl. Started some constipation so I’m taking those Iron pills I had to take last time. I’ve also noticed that I’m running out of energy sooner with Beckett.

July 4, 2012

Happy 4th! Six days late and the anticipation is killing me! I’m off work today for the holiday and still wake up at 6:30am. Ugh! Then I remember I happen to have a prego test in the bathroom cupboard. Do I or don’t I??? Duh, remember what I said about the anticipation? I grab it and go to the hall bathroom so I don’t wake Brian. I take the test (as I’m shaking with nervousness). I don’t even have to wait the full 2 minutes before I saw that plus sign appearing. Yes – I said plus sign!! Ahhhh!!! I go into the bedroom and wake Brian. I show him the stick. He looks at me and says, “positive?” I nod my head, set the stick down and crawl back in bed. He adds, “See… my guys knew they had one last chance and went for it!” Yes honey, I’m sure that’s what it was. Beckett awoke shortly after and we decided to go out for a celebratory breakfast – at Hy-Vee of course. The day pretty much went on as normal. We went to the pool…no alcoholic drinks for me & my excuse was that I had to work the next day (which I did). Oh, and I did get on the computer for a due date calculation… March 11th 2013!

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