Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012

Seems like January has come and gone so fast! We are thoroughly enjoying the mild winter we've had here and glad it's only been cold a couple times. I get quite annoyed when I have to have those mittens on my hands! My fingers can't do anything with them on! Even though we haven't even gotten a full inch of snow here in KC, we kinda hope it stays away now for the rest of the season. We found the snow boots Mommy got at a consignment sale don't even fit now. Bummer!

I'm still getting to be quite the talker. I have plenty of conversations, you just don't always know what I am saying. I try to repeat (look out!) a lot of what Mommy & Daddy says. We've also been reading lots and lots and lots of books. Daddy brought a bunch home from his classroom and I found these are my favorite to read. They're just simple books with easy sight words. Mommy & Daddy have read them so much now that I have a lot memorized or I know what it says by looking at the picure. Mommy & Daddy say I'm like a sponge. I'm picking up things and learning so quickly these days.
Here's a few other things we've been up to in the last month:

We cheered on the Huskers in the bowl game...
We even cheered on the Broncos in the playoffs!
I get REALLY, REALLY excited when a touchdown is scored!

Since it was quite hectic around my birthday with Xmas and New Year's, Mommy & Daddy decided to get me a birthday cake a couple weeks ago. My friends Harper and Carson come over for a playdate and we played - A LOT!!

Everyone LOVED my rocking horse!
(Sorry about the yellow pictures)
Then Daddy got the bounce house out and we had TONS of fun!
Even Daddy got in!
(though I don't really think he was supposed to)
Then it was time for cake!
The number 2 and trucks!
Don't you love it?!
They sang Happy Birthday to me and I blew the candles out.
I got one right away, and the other... well, watch the video below & see!

Then it was time to eat! YUMM!!
Carson loved the green grass frosting!
Harper loved the ice cream... and the green grass!
It was a GREAT TIME!!

I also received a late b-day present earlier that day - MY OWN KITCHEN!!
I AM HAVING A BLAST WITH IT!! The pot boils (or bubbles as I say) and the frying pan sizzles when you put them on the burner. I need to take a few lessons from Gramma and Grampa Andreasen, but I'm getting to be quite the cook. I've learned to put food in the pot, bend over and watch it cook, eat the food, put the pot in the sink (pretending to wash it) and then put it back on the burner to start all over again! It's SOOO fun!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas / New Year's in Iowa City

We went to Aunt Molly & Uncle J's house in Iowa City over New Year's to celebrate Christmas with Mommy's family. Sadie had a good time too as she got to play with Luke and Rio, their 2 labs.

Lunch Time!
Sadie likes to guard the dartboard (above her). She LOVES to play!! 
Opening presents!! 
More trucks!! 
And a board to practice my ABC's! 
Playing peek-a-boo behind the curtain with the dogs! 
Oh, they want to go outside sooooo bad! 
Watching a video with Evan 

Yeah, I was in bed by 8:00, but celebrated a bit anyway! 

New Years Day
Evan and I playing with our trucks 

Saying our so longs and farewells...
And Papa teaches me how to stick out my tongue!