Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 2012

Today's Daddy's birthday. He's spent all day sick in bed. Boo! So Mommy and I are hanging out working on this blog. We've been quite busy this month!
I traveled with Mommy to IA earlier this month to see Gramma, Grampa & Uncle Marc.
I played with the Legos A LOT!! 
Papa got me this really cool choo choo set.
We had lots of fun playing with it!
 and we celebrated Uncle Marc's birthday!
(even though it was a couple weeks ago)

I've also gotten to spend a few days home with Daddy this month
when he didn't have school.
On one day, Daddy brought me to gymnastics.
It was open gym and I did A LOT of jumping!

I also went with my babysitter, Amy, to help with the school book fair.
I was exhausted, but not before I found a book about trucks!

Last weekend we went to an exhibit at Crown Center called Animal Tails & Trails.
It had different animal habitats to play around in.
Then we went to my new FAVORITE place to eat -
Fritz's Railroad Restaurant!!! 
It has choo choo's EVERYWHERE!!
I kept saying, "Choo Choo!"
"Choo Choo!"
"Choo Choo!"
You'll actually hear me here:

We also visited the toy store where I had a lot of fun!
It's like the movie Big!

Last weekend was nice enough for me to get back on my swing!