Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 2014

My good buddy Fletcher turned 4 this month and he invited me to go to a Royals game with his family. I had soooooo much fun with him!! We rode on the carousel... 
ate some pizza... 
and had some suckers!
Thanks for bringing me Fletcher! Let's do it again! 
Kalia has some pretty crazy hair when she wakes up in the morning.
She's always happy to see us, but her hair is CRAZY!! 
Playing with Dad before bedtime
We had some pretty cool weather this month, but also a few nice days that we got to play outside. Kalia played with my sandbox for the first time & loved it!
I showed her how to scoop the sand in the bucket! 
Kalia was playing around before we went to church 
There were sure a LOT of birthday parties this month!
Here's another birthday party we went to.
My friend, Braylon, turned 2 years old!
It was an Elmo-themed party.
Look at my cupcake!! It was YUM-MY! 
I also got a haircut...a lot shorter than we wanted.
The lady was new and I was the first kid she ever worked on - her hands were shaking!
Dad said we'll never go to her again... 
And of course, a picture of Kalia sleeping... 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend in Iowa

 We spent Easter weekend in Le Mars with Gramma & Grampa on the farm.
We were SOOOO busy!! 
We got to see how big Emma's gotten and how much she smiles
 Evan and I colored some Easter eggs
 Evan taught me how to do bunny ears
 We visited Great Gramma Helen at her new retirement home that she loves
 and she showed us off to all of her friends
 We got a 4-generation picture with Kalia
 Saw more of Emma :)
 Papa brought Evan and I to the neighbor's to feed their sheep and llama
 We got back to find an Easter egg hunt
Even Kalia caught on and started collecting eggs!
 She even figured out how to open them!
 Saturday night we went to Aunt Carol (Kessenich's) house for dinner
and played A LOT with the other kids (Mommy's cousin's kids)
 We found that Emma LOVES LOVES LOVES the swing!
 Kalia found some new friends too!
She got lots and lots of love from Grace & Maggie! Too bad they live so far away - they'd make great babysitters!!!
 We had another Easter egg hunt after dinner
 Kalia had a GREAT time finding eggs
 with some help from Papa
We emptied all the eggs - and some had a special prize...
What a BUSY weekend!
 Little girls on Easter Sunday
 Someday they will be best buds!