Monday, April 23, 2012

April 2012

What's been going on with me lately?
I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my cars, trucks, and trains! I'm always lining them up. Any conversation that I have, almost always has the words car or truck in it. I also like airplanes. I can hear airplanes flying miles away and will tell you about it every time I hear one (which is a lot since we live close to the airport) whether I'm inside or outside!

I'm still learning my colors, but know purple and blue the best. I like to sing the alphabet now, not just say the letters. I also have learned other songs. My favs are "Wheels on the Bus", "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". I can sing that one completely on my own!!

I still like to cook in my kitchen. I'll bring the pot around with a spoon and have you "taste" what I'm cooking. I take after Daddy though, because my pot is always filled with potatoes and french fries. (Daddy's not afraid of carbs!) Sometimes you'll find my cars cooking in the pot. Mommy & Daddy tell me that's not right, but I don't quite understand.

My favorite movies right now are Cars (no surprise there) and "Birds"(Rio).
I also like to watch the Baby Einsteins video about animals.

I like to hide things from you. Like when you're putting on your shoes...I'll take one, put it behind my back and say, "Oh no! Where'd it go?" Then I'll pull it out and say, "Oh, there it is!" I think I'm pretty funny when I do this!

I have recently been calling Daddy "Brian". He doesn't like it and tries to correct me, but I still continue to do it, especially when Mommy laughs.

I LOVE to play outside! I like to chase bubbles in the backyard. I also like to chase Sadie who's chasing her frisbee. I like to throw the frisbee too, but it's never as far as Daddy's. Mommy's also been taking me on walks in the neighborhood.

Here's a few pictures from the last month:
Mommy & Daddy brought me to open gym at Edge Gymnastics
on Good Friday when they were both off work.
I loved jumping on the trampolines and climbing across the ladder.
I kept referring to it as a fire truck.

Mommy made some homemade play-doh one day during my nap.
I had lots of fun when I woke up!!
I thought the choo choo was really cool!

My friend, Fletcher, recently moved to a nearby neighborhood
from Shawnee (about 45 min away).
Now we have lots of fun together!
The bubbles stopped coming out of the mower (below),
so we both were trying to "fix" it.
He calls me "Buckett" & I call him "Chetcher".
Our Mommy's refer to us as the "Buckett & Chetcher Show"!
We can be quite hilarious together.

I like to play with the zippers on my clothes.
This is how Mommy found me one night when she came in to check on me.

I was the only kiddo at the sitter, so she brought me with her to get her car detailed & oil changed at the Chevy dealership. I got some pictures to color, but once I looked around I noticed a picture wall of cars and their new owners. I looked at this for a while, then went over and grabbed my car picture and "posed" with a big grin under the other car pictures. Amy got a picture of it and said I was pretty silly!

 Bath time! Daddy told me to wear my towel like this.
See you later!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Easter!

I had a great Easter! We colored some eggs the day before. Mommy made me practice my colors - A LOT!
Here they all are!

I didn't really understand the Easter bunny thing, but I got a bucket with some really cool stuff in it! I went for this sword right away and I knew exactly what to do with it!! Mommy wasn't sure how I knew...must be a natural boy thing!
I got some silly frog glasses, a couple coloring books,
But I still loved my sword the best!
I was swinging it around like I was Luke Skywalker! 
Then we went to church where I participated in a small egg hunt
and made a bag to put them in.
We went home and had another egg hunt in the front yard.
I had lots of fun!

There's supposed to be a video here,
but I've tried 3x and can't get it uploaded...

Then we got the bubbles out. I had a blast chasing them all over!! 
I even blew some of my own bubbles!
Though I'd much rather run around and pop them! 
Man on a mission!!!