Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Easter!

I had a great Easter! We colored some eggs the day before. Mommy made me practice my colors - A LOT!
Here they all are!

I didn't really understand the Easter bunny thing, but I got a bucket with some really cool stuff in it! I went for this sword right away and I knew exactly what to do with it!! Mommy wasn't sure how I knew...must be a natural boy thing!
I got some silly frog glasses, a couple coloring books,
But I still loved my sword the best!
I was swinging it around like I was Luke Skywalker! 
Then we went to church where I participated in a small egg hunt
and made a bag to put them in.
We went home and had another egg hunt in the front yard.
I had lots of fun!

There's supposed to be a video here,
but I've tried 3x and can't get it uploaded...

Then we got the bubbles out. I had a blast chasing them all over!! 
I even blew some of my own bubbles!
Though I'd much rather run around and pop them! 
Man on a mission!!! 

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