Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 2012

Needless to say, I'm way behind on my posts! To start off, I feel much better now and haven't had to use the breathing maching once since the week I was sick. Yeah! A week later Gramma Jean & Grampa Larry came to stay with me. Mommy & Daddy went on vacation with her family to Mexico. I'm sure Gramma & Grampa have some pictures of me while they stayed here, I just don't have them yet. Instead, I'll share some pics from Mommy & Daddy's trip to Mexico:

 They arrived on St. Patty's day - wearing their green shamrocks!
 Daddy got a lot of water time, throwing his Waboba water ball.
Watching the sunrise... 
The whole group! 

An excursion to Xel-Ha (prounounced "shell-ha")... 
Floating down the river... 
snorkeling...saw some amazing fish! 
Zip lines into the water! 
Swimming in caves!
Mexican Fiesta party!

A picture with Pancho.
More time at the pool... 
A little book reading... 
A little card playing... 
A LOT of pool time! 

Happy hour on the patio at a wine bar
It was a great time had by all! Can't wait to do it again!

Here's a couple randoms of me from the rest of the month:

Daddy's school had a roller skating night. Mommy brought me to watch all the kids. I had LOTS of fun watching them... until I saw that they had wheels on their shoes (I still LOVE to watch wheels!). I had a hard time figuring that out and did a lot of staring at their feet. I kept on saying, "Wheels. Look wheels!"  Here's a few pictures from that night:
Daddy's class had the most people there, so he lined up a class picture. But instead of getting permission from each parent to post the picture, I just chopped down the pic to just Daddy and me. This was our funny face picture. Daddy was making funny faces and I was trying to figure out what was going on. I couldn't help but watch all the kids make their funny faces!

We had some 90 degree days here in the last month. Time to break out the shorts and sandals! I got some good playing time outside. I loved playing on my bike and in my car! We got the sidewalk chalk out too! It was some good fun!!

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