Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sick boy, but now getting better!

Pajama Day Monday!!

I've had a heck of a week! I wasn't feeling too well last weekend - had a fever on and off all weekend with this nasty fluid-filled cough. Mommy stayed home with me on Monday and took me to the Dr. They found a bit of fluid in my lungs and said it was the onset of pneumonia. I got a shot in each of my thighs and some medicine to take. The Dr. said we should notice a difference in 24 hourse, but by Wednesday I still had these coughing fits and obviously wasn't getting better. I went back to the Dr. that day where the he still thought it might be pneumonia or symptoms of asthma due to my wheezing when I coughed. I got 2 more shots in my thighs and a breathing treatment with albuterol. They could tell a difference already after the breathing treatment! The Dr. wanted to rule out pneumonia so he also ordered a chest xray for the next morning. Gramma came down that night so that she could stay with me and help me with the breathing treatments the next couple days. Luckily, the xray came back negative for pneumonia, so they're still leaning towards asthma.

I now have a machine for breathing treatments that I take every 4 hours when I'm coughing - with a cute little fish mask. I do really good with the treatments and sit still the entire time. I like to hold the mask and help turn the machine on and off.
 My appetite is also coming back. I had a hard time wanting to eat anything all week and didn't have more than a couple bites each day. Mommy made some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins today and I ate 2 whole muffins (which is more than I'd had all week)!

Gramma stayed the weekend to help out. The weather was beautiful today! Gramma and Mommy took me to the park today while Daddy gave Sadie a bath.
We had lots of fun!

Bathtime with crayons! 
My masterpiece!

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  1. Amanda and Brian,
    I'm so glad he is better! What a cutie he is!