Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 2016

Kalia was sneaking into our Melaleuca delivery
Some friends & I working on a Lego project at school
Mom & her friends at a wine tasting at Cooper's Hawk
Kalia as her favorite character

Mom went to a Wine & Wellness event with her friends. Giuliana Rancic was the guest speaker - she was AMAZING to listen to!!
The girls w/ Giuliana...

While the guys were at Dancing w/ Dad's night at school, Kalia & Mom had a princess night at home. She dressed up, did some dancing...

watched Frozen and had popcorn!

Building some holiday decorations
She won't keep her jammies on at night, but she'll sleep in a stocking cap during her nap.
She loves all the Princess Poppy (from Trolls movie) stuff she's been seeing in the stores this holiday season!
Decorating for Christmas after our Thanksgiving holiday break
Annual tradition of watching Rudolph...we were counting down for a week to watch this!
We also got an ice cream treat while watching!

Kalia School

This is what Kalia did at school this month:
She's very proud of her letter "K"
More about the planets...
Celebrating a friend's birthday
Dress up is ALWAYS fun!
Kalia loves to paint!
Show and Tell Fridays
They took up a food collection and brought it to a local shelter
Lots and lots of reading
A game called Roll & Record
They found a bunny in the backyard
Making Christmas pictures
Cutting out pictures & categorizing them into Needs vs Wants