Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 2014

A few random pics from the month of June...
Kalia had some fun on the swing in our backyard
Mom painted Kalia's chubby baby feet
Kalia sleeps in funny positions
I LOVE eating outside these days! Most evening are too hot as the sun is right over our patio, so I sometimes get to eat my breakfast outside.

We haven't done much swimming this year besides going to the lake.
We did go one day to some of Mom & Dad's friends'.
They had lots of toys for me to play with!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend at the Lake

We took a last minute weekend trip to Gramma & Papa's on the lake.
We got to see my cousin Molly play softball...
Uncle Ken is her coach
There was a bad storm Friday night. Gramma said we got 4 INCHES of rain!!
With that much rain, a lot of the sand washed away so Mom & Dad put the beach back together while Grampa was at work. Me & Kalia helped...
I did a little fishing...but didn't catch anything.
My cousin Molly did, but she made Grampa put it back in the lake.
Grampa was sad, he wanted to fry the fish & eat it!
Kalia spent a lot of time carrying this sand bucket up and down the steps
Dad helped Uncle Ken & Grampa finish the new dock that Uncle Ken built.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Henry Doorly Zoo

We met back up with Mom & Dad at the Omaha Zoo after our week on the farm. Uncle Marc, Lorinda, Evan & Emma joined us too.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Week on the farm!

Kalia & I spent a week on Gramma & Papa's farm while Mom worked & Dad taught summer school. We had lots of fun and played outside a lot! I rode in almost all of Papa's tractors, including the monster sprayer & the gator.
Here's a few pictures from our week that Gramma sent Mommy:
Kalia was looking out the door for Papa & Beckett...
Helping Papa with chores
Breakfast time!
Castle park with Evan & Emma
Snuggle time with Papa!
Lunch date with Emma
A little swimming
Kalia LOVED Gramma's meatloaf & potatoes!
Good Morning!