Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving in Colorado

We took a road trip to Colorado with Gramma & Grampa Andreasen to see Aunt Joni, Uncle Colin and cousins Sophia and Amelia. The trip wasn't bad, I got to see lots of animals, fields of windmills and finally the mountains. The weather was beautiful and I got to play A LOT on their swingset in the backyard.
I kept climbing to the top and yelling, "All aboard!" or "Wanna come in my house?"
I had such a great time! Now I just need to convince one of my Papa's that I need one at my house!!

We had a great turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. Of course there was tons of food and desserts, but that made up for good leftovers. I most enjoyed sitting at a 'kids table'. I didn't eat much of the food (not surprising), but did think Gramma's homemade rolls were pretty tasty! Apparently everyone else did too as she made more the next day!
Amelia helped Gramma make the rolls...I was very curious.
We had more family come over for the Nebraska game on Friday. I was a little out numbered by all the little girls playing, but I still played with anything that had wheels. I managed to find the Barbie stuff - a few cars, a motorcycle, and a couple of bicycles. The football game was over in time for me to take a nap while Mommy, Joni & Gramma went out and did a little shopping.

We unwrapped a few presents later that night! It was going to be Amelia's birthday soon, plus their xmas presents from Gramma & Papa. I also got a few birthday presents. I got a really cool hide & seek book (like Where's Waldo), pluse these cars, some truck coloring books, and some counting cards! I liked them all!!!
Showing Gramma my new cars 
 Playing with my new cards