Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend at the Lake

We took a last minute weekend trip to Gramma & Papa's on the lake.
We got to see my cousin Molly play softball...
Uncle Ken is her coach
There was a bad storm Friday night. Gramma said we got 4 INCHES of rain!!
With that much rain, a lot of the sand washed away so Mom & Dad put the beach back together while Grampa was at work. Me & Kalia helped...
I did a little fishing...but didn't catch anything.
My cousin Molly did, but she made Grampa put it back in the lake.
Grampa was sad, he wanted to fry the fish & eat it!
Kalia spent a lot of time carrying this sand bucket up and down the steps
Dad helped Uncle Ken & Grampa finish the new dock that Uncle Ken built.

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