Monday, June 9, 2014

Mom & Dad's Special Weekend

 Dad surprised Mom with a special weekend in Lincoln. They were celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary, but their 15th anniversary of when they became engaged in Lincoln. When they got to town, he first surprised her with a pedicure. They then traveled downtown to The Cornhusker, where they would be staying that night. Dinner was at a place called Lazlo's (they used to dine here back in college) in the Haymarket area. After dinner, they went to a Ben Folds acoustic concert at an outdoor arena. Believe it or not, Ben Folds even walked right past their car that afternoon when they were stopped at a traffic light!! CRAZY!!
Here's a tiny video from the concert: 
 The next day Dad took her to Sunken Gardens. This is where he proposed to her 15 years ago. Though the flowers weren't bloomed as much as they were hoping, they were still able to get some good pictures.

A little re-enactment
 The photographer...hard at work

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