Friday, April 4, 2014

Kalia - 13 Months

 Beckett went to the Royals game with a friend, so Mommy & Daddy got some one-on-one time with Kalia. So what did we do? We went to Parkville and took some pictures, of course! She was quite the ham at first, then was very wiggly and just wanted to run around. So we let her run...then she ran down a hill...and got her first boo boo on her baby soft skin after falling.
Kalia is now 13 months old. She still loves to read
and dance.
She is loving the outdoors now that it's nice enough to be out. She loves to play in the sandbox and in the drip pan on Daddy's grill - ewww! She hates it when Beckett gets to go out and she doesn't. She likes to play in the kitchen when Daddy or Mommy is cooking. Most often you can find her carrying a bowl with spoons in it. She likes to dump them out and put them back in. She does the same with her blocks and grocery cart. She'll throw everything out, then pick them up again (she did not learn that from Beckett).
Kalia is a VERY good eater - about the same amount that Beckett eats! She eats everything you put on her plate, but she loves most of all when she gets to feed herself. She does really well with her sippy cup and only gets a bottle before bed. She gets her bottle around 7:30pm, goes to bed right after and usually wakes around 7am.
Bathtime is her favorite part of the week. She only gets a couple baths a week - she currently has some yucky eczema on her back that we're trying to get rid of. She loves to splash and play in the tub. We definitely won't have to worry about her being afraid of the water, just her falling IN the water!

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