Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kalia - 9 Months

Kalia sure has been a trooper this past month. She celebrated her 9 month birthday at the Dr's office with a diagnosis of pneumonia. The Dr. heard some fluid in her lungs, but we caught it at the beginning stages so it was a quicker recovery than what it could have been!
(Note: Brian took these pictures when he was home with her during her illness. Doesn't look too sick - sure was a fighter!)
As for more exciting milestones, Kalia is still our little curious discoverer. She's crawling and pulling herself up all over...walking along furniture and when she feels brave enough, she'll let go and try to stand on her own. She makes it for a few seconds, but then her little legs give out on her and she falls to the ground. We've recently put the gate up at the top of the stairs, so she is now thoroughly enjoying her freedom to roam! Sadie, however, does NOT like the gate. She likes to sit right where the opening is and play guard dog.
Kalia is doing a lot of babbling too. She still says "Mom" & "Da Da". We swear she's also said "Beckett" & answered "Ok" when Brian asked her a question, but I'm sure that just pure coincidence. She LOVES to play "Soooo Biiiigg!" and will also wave to you - not so much on command, but whenever she feels like stretching her arm out and wave her hand back and forth.

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