Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ice Cream Days!

We went to LeMars for the annual Ice Cream Days weekend. I LOVE watching the parade!! There are lots of trucks and I get tons of candy! 

Waiting for the parade to start...
Funny faces to pass the time with Aunt Molly
Kalia, still waiting for the parade...
The whole group! 
Kalia loved waving at everyone.
I loved hearing the fire truck sirens.
Gramma even got us Ice Cream shirts to wear
Blowing bubbles...
Kalia met her first clown (a family friend)
and he gave her a stuffed bunny - she was in HEAVEN (and still sleeps with it every night)!!!
After the parade, Kalia went with Mom & Gramma to Art in the Park and I went with Dad & Uncle Marc to Evan's baseball game.
Kalia got to pet some real ducks
and play hide-n-seek behind the ice cream cones!

Evan batting and pitching
It was a REALLY hot day, so thankfully cousin Jen was working in the concession stand and she gave me lots of icee pops!!

We got back home & cooled off playing in the water!

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