Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 2014

A few random pictures from September:
Acceptable ways of transportation...sliding down the road on your back seems to work just fine in Kalia's world. 
Mommy had Kalia try these boots on. She liked them so much & had a fit when she took them off. I'm sure you'll be seeing them a lot this winter! 
Brushing teeth (she's just trying to copy me) 
 Kalia tattooed her leg with stickers
I still like my Nebraska popcorn box. I kept on asking to fill it back up!
 Kalia helped Mom with the garage sale while Dad & I were at the race.
Here's the race/walk that Dad & I went to. It was for Dad's school. Dad mostly took pictures...
but he let me run a bit too, including running the finish line. Everybody cheered for me. It was pretty awesome!
Movie with Mom. I've been asking to see Dolphin Tale 2 for weeks!
 This is Mom trying to get a picture of Kalia. She doesn't like to sit still for anything - especially pictures!

Here are a few pictures from school:
 We go to the park a lot when it nice enough out
Kalia got a new stroller for her babies. She loves to push it around the whole house.
Who doesn't love some good baby giggles?

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