Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 2014

A few randoms from the month of October: 
I loved going to the rodeo last month and now like to play rodeo with my animals. I use the timer on my tablet (in the background) to time them. Who do you think won, the moose or the pigs?
We battled the hand, foot and mouth disease in the beginning of the month. Mommy stayed home for a week with Kalia, then I got it and Gramma (from the lake) came to stay with me so Mom & Dad didn't miss any more work. I had a good time with Gramma. She helped me with my school work that I was missing each day. We also played with my cinnamon play-doh that we made in school (below) and took walks almost every day.
Kalia's all ready to celebrate Halloween! She loved wearing the skirt that Gramma (on the lake) made.
Mom made us a different kind of lunch - in ice cube trays! She called it a toddler smorgasbord, but now we call it a snacky-lunch. It's like lots of little snacks for lunch. It was lots of fun! 
We loved playing with our pumpkins (though Kalia wouldn't sit still for a pretty picture)! 

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