Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fun Farm!

Gramma (on the farm) was in town visiting, so Mom took us all to Fun Farm  in nearby Kearney. It was SO MUCH FUN!
We rode a cow train 

Visited lots and lots of animals... The geese were honking really loud and the baby lambs and goats were very friendly. 
Kalia was being silly while we waited to watch the big pumpkin launcher 
They had a HUGE corn pit where we got to play in it like a sandbox. 
Kalia was a bit afraid when she sank in the corn when she stepped in. So she went to the playground with Gramma while Mom & I played in the corn! We had a blast!! 
The last thing we did was jump on this big pillow-thing they had. It was also lots and lots of fun. When the big kids were on it, they would bounce me right off. I thought it was really funny. Even Mom got on and bounced with me.
We had TONS of fun and didn't want to leave, but all that playing really wore us out. We stopped at the concession at the end and enjoyed some fresh apple donuts before heading home.

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