Thursday, July 14, 2011

Andreasen Family Fun Weekend!

We recently went to Columbus, NE for the annual Andreasen Family Fun weekend! Our trip there and back was a little longer as we had to take a detour due to the MO river flooding. Once we got there I was glad to see my cousins Sophia, Amelia, Molly, Luke and TJ. I had a great time all weekend! TJ became my new buddy and we got to see Molly play in a softball tournament. Oh, and I got my first taste of Valentino's buffet - YUM!!
Boat ride with Aunt Joni
And Mommy & Daddy
 Aunt Joni & Sophia
 Feeding the ducks
...And some for myself!
My 1st taste of freeze pops...
Good thing Grampa & Gramma always have their freezer stocked!
They were very good on a hot day!!
Hanging out with Amelia & Sophia
 And Luke & TJ
Val's brunch buffet :)
 TJ built a chair for me in the sand. I had a great time in it!!
Molly loves it when Sadie visits...and Sadie loves all the attention!

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