Friday, August 26, 2011

20 Months...August Randoms

A few random pictures from the last month...

Here's a few more from Aunt Molly's camera when she came to visit last month.
We browsed around Barnes-N-Noble...I loved all the books!!
Checked out Old Navy...
and went swimming! Lots of fun!

We had another playdate with my friends at the end of July. We had lots of fun!
Here's Fletcher and me playing...

Here's the whole crew! Can't believe we got a picture of everyone looking!
Fletcher, Beckett, Ellie, Carson, Saige 

Fletcher left before we thought to get a picture with all the Mommies,
but here's the rest of them! 

Daddy's back in school now and I'm back at the babysitter.
Mommy & Daddy were worried that I might have a little separation anxiety going back,
but I walked right in and started playing with the other kids like I had been there all summer! Here's a few pics from my first week back...

I'm not sure where this was taken,
but I was being goofy in my car seat and Mommy snapped a picture of me.

Mommy & Daddy got a bike trailer to hook up to their bike. We've been on quite a few rides now that the weather has been nice. I really enjoy sitting in it. Every time I'm in the garage I like to climb into it. 

We brought some of Papa's sweet corn back from our visit to Iowa.
I had a good time imitating Mommy & Daddy,
but not sure that I actually got a lot of corn off the cob. 

I LOVE to play with my trucks!!!
I love watching the wheels go around.
I also figured out that the wheels roll much
easier on the hard, wooden floor than on the carpet...
so I always line them up right here in front of the door. (Good place, huh?)

Daddy made me a fort out of these 2 boxes.
I have a really good time in it!
I like it when Daddy tries to crawl in with me! Hee Hee!

I love to color!
More than that, I like to take colors out of the box, then put them back in.

I REALLY, REALLY enjoy anything with letters.
I have foam letters in the bathtub, letters on lots of my blocks, and letters in books.
I point to them and try to say them ALL THE TIME!
I'll point to letters on your shirt, letters on the TV, and letters on the wall.
I bring letters to Mommy & Daddy all the time and ask them what they are.
I know the letters A, O and B and know that B says "Ba".
I also LOVE the TV show Superwhy. It's about books and letters.

Here's me and my friend, Jett. We went to the playground to play, but it was REALLY hot! So Auntie Megan brought us to her classroom to cool off. She had some goldfish that she shared too. Yum!

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