Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy New Year!

We had a great New Year's Weekend just hanging around the house!
Mommy had a 4-day weekend so she got to hang out with me and Daddy too.
We received a little snow, but it was still super nice outside so of course we went out and played! 
Not enough to make a snowman, but it was nice to get out and throw Sadie the ball and frisbee for a while.
Mommy's BUNCO group also met up not too long ago.
This time the Daddy's and kiddos could come.
That means I got to play with all my friends! Yay!
Fletcher, Me, Dean, Harper, Bo, Jett and Judson
Mommy is trying to get some videos uploaded on here too, but for some reason it's not working. Hopefully she'll figure it out soon... so come back to see them!

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