Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kalia - 2 Months

We can't believe that this little cutie is 2 months already!
We always knew that Beckett was a really good baby, but Kalia has been exceptionally good as well! She rarely ever cries...when she does, you can tell if it's her hungry cry or tired cry. She's taking on a pretty regular schedule now which is good now that I will be going back to work soon. She gets her best sleep when she's swaddled. She eats breastmilk most of the time, but also takes the bottle well too. She smiles when you talk to her. She loves her pacifier, but now has found her fingers and lately has been really munching on them. More recently, she's been blowing lots of bubbles and drooling a bit too (hope that's not a sign of teeth yet)!
Beckett loves on her all the time and we have to constantly remind him to be careful around her. He gets so excited when she starts kicking and "talking". He'll say, "But Mom, I love her!"
Happy 2 Month Birthday Baby Girl!

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