Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kalia - 3 Months

Kalia has hit the 3 month mark and is growing like a weed! She has become a bit more mobile by kicking her legs until they spin her around. She sometimes will kick her legs hard enough that she turns on her side - almost to roll over! Not sure if we're ready for that just yet! She also likes to watch all the movement on the tv. We are starting to hear a lot more squeals and giggles out of her little slobbery mouth as she's trying to find her voice. She also grabs her rattle and shakes it around, but her favorite is to grab her blanket and stick it in her mouth. She still gets swaddled for bedtime and sleeps through the night until she get's woken up at 5am to eat, then goes back down again until 9. Ahhh, the busy life of a baby!


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