Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 2014

 We had a snowy weekend in March. Mommy didn't want to take us out in the freezing temperatures, so we stayed home & made pancakes instead. 
We also made this really cool penguin out of a water bottle. I was SOOO excited!! I was waddling it along the table.

I moustache you a question...
"Have you seen my chocolate pudding?"
I was playing "library" here with Kalia. I was reading her books, then we would put them on the conveyor belt to return, then check out more books to read. Kalia likes to listen to my stories.
I also let Kalia watch as I played with my tablet.
Gramma was here for Kalia's party.
She let us watch a 'twinkle twinkle' video before bed.
Kalia taking a nap with Gramma
Mom & Dad got me the movie Frozen and we had a movie night with POPCORN!! YAY!
Kalia came to watch me a swim lessons.
She was VERY jealous of all the spashing and wanted to jump in. Good thing she was buckled in her stroller...Mom said she tried many times to get out!
One of Kalia's 1st ponytails! Dad called her 'Sporty Spice' on this day.
Mom got 9 INCHES cut off her hair a couple weeks ago! That's A LOT!
She donated it to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths campaign that makes wigs and donates them for FREE to women who have breast cancer. Yay Mom!

This was after church one week. I was playing with Mom's phone and took a picture of Kalia and then a selfie of myself!

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