Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend in Columbus

We spent Memorial Day weekend with Gramma & Papa on the lake. The water was a little chilly yet to go swimming (though my cousin Molly & her friend jumped in), but we made up for it in boat rides - and Daddy let me drive too! 
We went to Uncle Ken's restaurant to eat. There was a balloon artist there that made Kalia a ladybug, Molly a turtle bracelet and me a duck!
Papa & Dad took me out to play golf with my new clubs & Molly helped Papa with his putting.

I got up early every morning to feed the fish under Papa's dock!
Dad & Mom took me to a car show that was at a nearby park.
This one looks like Papa's on the farm, only I noticed right away that the wheels are different and the stripe is missing.

A little sand time...
A LOT of boat time!
Kalia LOVED going fast and Beckett LOVED going slow (so he could look for fish, turtles & ducks)
Dad, enough with the camera! HaHa!

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