Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Night at the Royals

Gramma (from the farm) & Aunt Molly came down to go to the Royals game with us. It was Husker night at the Royals and was soooo fun! Alex Gordon (Husker alum) even hit a home run. Yay!
This was Kalia's first time riding on the carousel. SHE LOVED IT!
She sat tall and smiled the whole time! Mommy took a video with her phone, but something went wrong and it freezes and skips. We were bummed because she had so, so much excitement while riding!
We even took her on a 2nd time to see her reaction!
I got to play on the little 'K'. I even surprised myself and hit the ball 2 times! I had so much fun running the bases!
Dad took me golfing too!
Had to stop and watch the fountains...
Kalia loved this too!
Family pic...
Hanging out with Aunt Molly...probably telling her about all my favorite Royals players...
Kalia's cheering on the Royals! We may have a cheerleader in our future!
Playing with our new helmets the next day. Good times!

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