Monday, December 22, 2014

Beckett Is 5 Years Old!

Beckett turned 5 years old on December 22nd!
Here's what's going on with him...
  • He's still an early bird...likes to wake up between 6:30-7am every day. Takes an afternoon nap and goes to bed between 8-8:30.
  • He continues to be a picky eater, but eating different foods at school has broadened his selection some. His favorite right now is cheese nachos. He still loves all fruit, is a huge milk drinker and thinks he needs a dessert after every meal. Somehow, he never has a problem trying new desserts. 
  • He is very smart (at least we think so). He loves to learn and absorbs everything these days. He loves it when he can recognize words and read them to us.

  • He LOVES animals, but his favorite is penguins. He loves to draw them, watch shows about them and even has a stuffed penguin named Piper.
  • He still loves his cars, trucks and trains. He has a ton of them, but continues to play with them all.
  • He LOVES to watch sports, especially with his Dad. Baseball and football are his favorite and he could name almost every team in the MLB & NFL. We watched A LOT of Royals this year and he continues (almost weekly) to ask when they will be playing again. He doesn't quite get what "off season" means.
Here's a few more of his favorites...
    Color: All of the colors in the world
    Book: Go Dog Go
    TV show: Wild Kratts
    Movie: Happy Feet
    Song: "Everything is Awesome" from Lego Movie
    Restaurant: Jose Peppers b/c they give you Teddy Grahams
    Food: Bacon
    Drink: Hot Chocolate
    Snack: Fruit Snack
    Game: Uno
    Toy: Train set
    Thing to do outside: Play baseball
    Holiday: 4th of July
    Place to go: Zoo or train place at Union Station
    What he wants to be when grows up: Train Conductor
    Happy 5th Birthday Beckett!!

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