Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July on the Lake

We headed to Gramma & Grampa's on the lake for 4th of July weekend.
Kalia loved spending time with Molly's dog, Fozzie...though I'm not too sure he was fond of it.
We had fun on the boat
Kalia had fun with bubbles
I had fun with Gramma's flags...
then Kalia joined in...
maybe not quite sure what she was supposed to be doing...
then the neighbor girls joined and I led a flag parade
More boating...
Fun with Gramma & Molly
The typical toddler tantrum...
Delicious s'mores!!
Happy 4th!!
Fun on the beach
Treats from the 4th of July boat parade
a little lake water sucker won't hurt...right?
I even went tubing!!! I was a little scared, but Dad didn't drive the boat very fast.
On our way home, Kalia was so tired she fell asleep before we even left town!

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