Saturday, August 1, 2015

Family Reunion & A Week on the Farm

We traveled to Yankton, SD for the Ryan family reunion where we got to see and meet lots of new cousins! There were 62 family members there! Whew! That's a LOT of names to remember! New babies there were Emily, Blaize and Kadence who received LOTS and LOTS of snuggles. We stayed at a new place called The Lodge at Lewis & Clark Resort and it was nothing short of accommodating. We stuffed our faces with lots of food, had fun on the lake, played games, rode bikes, endured a couple thunderstorms, and participated in a family scavenger hunt on the resort property. It was a BLAST!!! Here are a couple pictures from Mom's scavenger hunt group:
Picture with a random family (bonus points for their smiles) 
Picture with a bike (bonus points if someone is ON the bike) 
Picture with the group ON a slide. Just happened to be that the only slide there was a covered on it we go! 
The "I can't believe we all fit in here" picture. 

On Sunday, we went back with Gramma & Papa to stay on the farm for the week. Mom had to work and Dad had meetings for the new school year. Papa's sweet corn was ready just in time for us. It was YUMMY!
We went to Aunt Carol's for Allie's birthday party. We didn't end up swimming because the water was too cold, but we did lots of playing and jumping in the bounce house!
Cousins Addison, Ryan, Hannah, Maddy & Allie
We got to play in the water at Gramma's later in the week
Snack break!
Gramma & Papa took us to the county fair too! It was lots of fun! We saw lots of animals and rode on a couple rides. 
There was lots of playing on the farm. The new thing was looking for butterflies with Papa's binoculars.
We caught lightening bugs too!

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