Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 2016

A few other things we did in April:
We went to a Cirque du Soleil show at the Sprint Center called TORUK. It was based on the movie, Avatar. We LOVED it! 

Aunt Molly came for a visit!
But really, she came to go to a Royals game with Mommy. It was the game where they received their World Series rings. So cool! 
Championship flag is raised!
Replica rings for purchase. 
Can't pass on a ballpark dog!

Mom, Dad & Kalia came to my music concert at Kellybrook 
Of course, I was shy & didn't like to sing much 

I started a new i9 soccer league and earned the weekly sportsmanship award the first week!
Kalia wanted in the pictures too...
and Cinderella
another soccer game... 

My kindergarten field trip day - my 1st ride on a real school bus, Legoland & Seal Life Aquarium, sack lunch (I normally eat school lunches) & baseball practice after school. A day FULL of my favs: Legos, animals & baseball = BEST DAY EVER!!!
At Legoland with my friends...
Kalia LOVES her new shoes because they're PINK!
Mom loves getting together with her friends! 

 My class did a lesson on chicks - they even HATCHED in our classroom!! 

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