Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend on the Farm

Mom took Kalia & I to Gramma & Grampa's on the farm for Memorial Day weekend. 
We found a giant snapping turtle on the gravel road on our way back to the house.
We went to Great Aunt Carol's for some swimming fun
Sunday evening we went to Uncle Marc's for a Memorial Day BBQ and Grampa finished putting Emma's playset together
I played some football with Evan
Emma was trying to help Papa 
The little girls thought the drill was so loud! 
Gramma made strawberry poke cake for dessert.
It was YUMMY!
Breakfast at Gramma & Papa's...
We don't get this cereal or donuts at home...
A trip to Castle Park & Bob's for lunch before we head home
Aunt Kelli & the kids came to play too!
Lunch time! It was really hot outside! 

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