Saturday, July 30, 2016

Columbus & Horn T Zoo

After being on the farm for a few days, Gramma & Papa on the farm met up with Gramma & Papa on the lake so we could spend a few days on the lake. We fed the ducks a LOT,
played in the neighbors tree house, 
and made s'mores with Molly
Then Mom & Dad came to the lake on the weekend...
Cooling off with popsicles
and more s'mores!
On our way home on Sunday, we went to a nearby town to go to a zoo called Horn T Zoo. It's very small and only has a handful of animals, but we were able to get up close to them, feed them, and pet them. We had a blast!! We fed the monkeys grapes, grass to the zebras & camel, 
I even got to RIDE on top of a tortoise!! It was SO much fun!!

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