Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 2017

Some random pictures from January...
Kalia made a bed in front of the TV
I finally put together one of my dinosaur puzzles from Xmas
Kalia hates to wear jammies to bed!
I took swim lessons

Painting with Kalia's paints she got for Xmas
We re-scheduled my birthday party, only to cancel again due to an ice storm that never came! Ugh! So we went around and delivered the cupcakes to my friends that were invited. Then we got to eat ours - and keep the dinosaurs!
Rooting for the Chiefs in a playoff game!
Game night!
Mom & Dad had a date night during Restaurant Week and ate at a Brazilian restaurant
Dad's version of duplicating what they had at Cooper's Hawk - steak, grilled veggies, bacon wrapped shrimp with guac - pretty good for a duplication!!
I took the family out to Buffalo Wild Wings with the gift card I received for Xmas
We even got dessert and it was SO yummy!!
Kalia and her puzzles - ALL OVER THE FLOOR!

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