Tuesday, May 24, 2011

17 Months

Hard to believe it's almost been 1 1/2 years already! Such a big boy! I'm starting to act like a big boy most days too. I still love to go up and down the stairs...only I'm a little faster at it now.
(I did tumble down one day. See the boo boo on my head?)
I think I've learned my lesson... I haven't done it since.
I'm getting to be a climber too. I like to climb onto chairs and stools.
These table and chairs are just my size and I LOVE to play here!
I like to set my drink on my own table. I like to play on my laptop at my table just like Mommy & Daddy do with theirs. (I do a LOT of imitating these days.) I also like to play with my drawing board here.
I haven't had any trouble with my ears since the surgery! The only setback that we had was the visit to the ER 2 weeks after. Found out I had an aweful cough called croup. It's all gone now and I'm all better now!!

Mommy's had this thing lately about taking pictures when I'm sleeping...

I'm SO excited it's finally nice enough to play outside! Mommy and I played outside one afternoon. She got a really big bowl of water and put some of my bath toys in it and we played on the deck. It was a good time!
I spilled some of the water on me. Oops!

I also threw Sadie her tennis ball a couple times.

Eating dinner...I sure made a mess on this day!!
I also like the nice weather 'cause we've had ice cream more often. It's one of my favorites!

Last Sunday we went to the Royals game with some friends. We sure had a good time!!
Here I am with my friends Cole & Carson
Daddy bought me a Royals kids' club pack that had a hat, jersey and badge to run the bases after the games. Daddy said he's going to make this a tradition :) We were planning on running the bases, but then the game went into extra innings and well, I got really tired. Can you tell?
So we headed back to the car... I was asleep before we even got out of the parking lot!

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